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How to Host a Money Talk Date Night (+ Free Games!)

Being in a relationship is about getting to know each other in a uniquely intimate way. While you’re busy being vulnerable and baring all to each other, you might not even stop to think about sharing your views and habits on spending and saving. After all, it isn’t exactly the sexiest topic of conversation, but it is an important one! With many couples taking on the “what’s yours is mine” approach, you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of any huge debts or liabilities before you decide to invest too heavily in the relationship. But how do you bring the topic up? With a money talk date night!  

Long distance relationships can add an extra element of financial stress when you factor in travel costs and other expenses that result from loving someone who doesn’t live in the same place. Sometimes in these situations, one partner ends up spending more than the other to keep the relationship going, which can put a strain on the partnership. 

Talking about money early and often can help prevent these frustrations from happening. Hosting a money talk date night is a great way to ease into the financial conversation without prying. These free printable games make it easy to talk about money in a lighthearted but insightful way. 

Read on for more tips on how to host a money talk game night: 

Play Money Talk Games

money talk date night

These free printable games put a financial spin on classics such as Never Have I Ever and Would You Rather. You can play these games in person, on video chat, or over the phone so they’re perfect for long distance couples. 

Why play money games in the first place? These games can help reveal your partner’s wants and expectations for the future, as well as realize financial burdens from the past. 

Once you’ve eased into the conversation with a fun game you can use these 24 conversation starter questions to ramp up the money talk with questions such as “Did your family have enough money when you were growing up?” 

Appreciate Your Differences 

During your money talk date night, you will likely realize some differences in opinion that you and your partner have around finances. Unless there are major red flags there’s no need to sound the alarm: almost everyone has a different relationship to money than the people around them. 

It’s important to remember that change and management can come about through self-reflection. If anything concerning is discovered through your talk––such as a huge debt your partner has been hiding––just know that these sorts of financial situations can be changed and managed. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the end of your relationship. 

To promote honest and open communication in your relationship, acknowledge and appreciate any financial differences. Tell your partner what you admire about their relationship to money, such as “I love how you prioritize spending money on your passions”, or “I love how you are saving for a goal you hope to achieve in the future.” 


Set Goals and Boundaries

It’s not uncommon for two people to have completely opposing views on spending and saving, so don’t panic if this is you and your partner– it’s not a total deal-breaker! In fact, it can be an opportunity to set financial goals together. If you discover that you’re a saver and your partner is a spender, it’s a great opportunity to put your communication and compromise skills to the test. Strengthen your bond with common financial goals that suit you both. What’s more intimate than opening a bottle of wine and whispering about savings goals all night?! 

There’s no denying long distance relationships often come with added expenses– your money talk date night is the perfect opportunity to discuss boundaries surrounding these. How much do you feel comfortable spending a month? How often will you travel to see each other? What is the most you’ll spend on a plane ticket? These are important boundaries to communicate early on to ease financial stress and prevent future miscommunications. For example, it’s easier to manage expectations on how often you’ll see each other when you have a clear idea of what your travel budgets are. 

So when should you have the money talk? Every couple is different, and while we recommend knocking it out early and revisiting often, we’d love to hear your thoughts! When do you think it’s appropriate to start talking about money in a long distance relationship?

By Karlyn McKell

Karlyn is a writer who specializes in the relationship and finance spaces. She believes the best ingredients for a relationship are open communication and hard work.

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