Nicholas Braun: Tall Man, Tiny Suit

Nicholas Braun spends most of his time in the public eye as Succession’s poorly dressed pawn Cousin Greg. His costumes mostly consist of ill-fitting suits and limp, sad windbreakers perfect for squirreling away a bag of “Park Coke” he bought for Kendall. But off-screen Braun is coasting down a more stylish path, and it seems he’s finally discovered that first bit of menswear nirvana: a Thom Browne suit, which he wore to celebrate the launch of the brand’s designer Samsung flip-phone. Over the past couple of years, Browne’s signature slimmed-down suits, which can feel intimidating to those of us who don’t have runway-model proportions, have been discovered by a brand new audience. Turns out that suits hit with the Honey! I Shrunk the Kids ray gun looks great on burly athletes like LeBron James and the 6’6” Braun. This is a Big Fit of the Day without even a pinch of Greg Sprinkles in sight.


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