The David Beckham Look Book

Saying David Beckham dresses well is like stating grass is green or Hannah Davis is hot—it’s just fact. The former footballer is as well known, if not more so on this side of the Atlantic, for his uncanny ability to look put together every time he steps in front of a camera as he is for his on-pitch performances. Whether he turns up at Wimbledon in the nattiest of three-piece suits or at LAX in a denim shirt and some scuffed-up shitkickers, Becks never fails to make average Joes want to dress better. Sure, it helps that he’s really, really good-looking and physically perfect by most designers’ standards, but that doesn’t always guarantee good things (see: Jared Leto’s mid-2000s era of questionable choices). At this point, Beckham’s name is practically synonymous with menswear god, a point you’ll see proven time and again right here.


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