The Justin Theroux Look Book

If you want to know why we’re big fans of uniform style, just look at Justin Theroux‘s entire wardrobe. The actor/screenwriter/director is the type of stylish multi hyphenate who swears by an arsenal of trusty menswear staples and rarely deviates from them. Those go-to’s include more leather jackets than we thought possible for one man to own, rare Supreme grail T-shirts, skinny jeans, razor sharp slim tailoring, and every kind of boot you can think of (Chelsea? check. Biker-inspired with buckles? Check. Punk-leaning Doc Martens? Check.). And, of course, nearly every piece is black. It’s not easy to wear so much of the non-color neutral and keep outfits interesting (what’s there to look at in a blackout rig?), but The Leftovers star is a pro. Here’s proof that not only does the guy know what he’s doing in the menswear department, but that he’s doing it damn well.


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