Tyler the Creator and Dev Hynes and Their Deerest Friend Get a Whole Bunch of Fits Off

You know how, every once in a while, a photo of modern life will emerge that is so striking, so intense, that it’ll immediately be compared to, like, a classic work of Renaissance portraiture? Or at least get the golden ration placed over it?

This…is not that. But it’s still pretty great, right? Tyler, the Creator and Dev Hynes at the Burberry party in London on Monday, getting into it with their scene partners and mugging for the camera. The fits, too: Dev’s ’90s-slouchy-Seinfeld-extra vibe, only luxed up. Tyler’s perfect silk scarf and gold chain, possible only if you give as few f*&%s as he does. It’s no oil painting. But it is definitely the Big Fit of the Day.

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